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Tecplot Tips


How to calculate the velocity magnitude:
1. After importing Fluent data, some flow variables are not all passed on, in particular the velocity magnitude. To rectify,
2. Go to Analyze > Field Variables, and under Convective Variables, select the Velocity option, and click the Select button. Ensure that the velocity variables, are U, V, and W velocities to match the coordinate system. Then
3. Go to Analyze > Calculate Variables. Click the Select button, select Velocity Magnitude from the list, and click OK. Click Calculate. 4. The variable will now be available for selection

How to extract data from a line in Tecplot:
1. This is a handy tool which is a free add-on in Tecplot.
2. The Extract Precise Polyline add-on extracts a line of points defined by entering the (x,y,z) coordinates of a start and end points.
3. How to resize frames so export plots look nice:
4. Don’t you hate it when you export your lovely plot/x-y graph and its in a square shape format and there’s a whole load of whitespace above the plot.
5. To fix this go to Frame > Edit Active Frame and change the width and height of the frame. Then resize the plot!