Projects are primarily applications of CFD. Projects range from respiratory health to indoor air quality centering around how we breathe aerosols, and fluids. A list of projects, a summary report, and its outcomes are given here:

  • Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Conjoint Grant (2019-2022) Using computer models, virtual surgery and 3D-printing to improve outcomes in sino-nasal surgery
  • Hermon Slade Foundation (2018-2021) Anthropogenic influences on the functional efficiency of Australian insect antennae (led by Prof Elgar, Uni. of Melb.)
  • ARC Discovery DP160101953 (2016-2018) A Multiscale Modelling Platform for Nanoparticle Inhalation Risk Assessment
  • ARC Discovery DP120103958 (2012-2105) An integrated model for assessing health effects of nanoparticle inhalation
  • RMIT Emerging Research Grant (2010) Health effects of acid mist dispersion during copper production safer work environment
  • ARC Linkage LP0989452 (2009-2012) Characterisation of wood dust exposure and its effect on respiratory health

A one page summary of all Capstone Final Year Projects with undergraduates can is coming soon.