RMIT Scholarships to undertake research with us. Please visit for information on how to apply. More information is given in a ppt download here . Scholarships are aligned with pre-defined projects. Please select projects from: which include:

  • Next generation respiratory drug delivery devices
  • Advanced exploration of the human nasal anatomy, function and physiology
  • Computational and Experimental Studies of Targeted Nasal Drug Delivery
  • Advanced, Targeted Nasal Drug Delivery
  • Inhalation particle exposure in the indoor built environment

Hi, and thanks for visiting our profiles. CFDResearch applies computational modelling to solve industry problems. If you’re interested in learning more about the research, or working with us, contact me, (Kiao Inthavong).

Dr Kiao Inthavong
Dr Kiao Inthavong
Computational and experimental analysis of respiratory flows
Dr Sarah Vahaji
Dr Sarah Vahaji
Deakin University Group Leader
Dr Yidan Shang
Dr Yidan ShangResearch Fellow
Pheromone attenuation: signal perception in changing atmospheric landscapes
Dr Jingliang Dong
Dr Jingliang DongDECRA Fellow
Kendra Shrestha
Kendra ShresthaPhD
Computational Multi-Phase Flow for Targeted Nasal Drug Delivery
James Van Strien
James Van StrienMasters
Experimental characterisation of nasal spray atomisation
Jake EmmerlingPhD
Fluid and particle dynamics of drug delivery targeting laryngeal and sub-glottic stenosis
Patrick Warfield-McAlpine
Applications of adjoint solver for virtual surgery

Past student theses

Past members

Dr Yao Tao
Dr Yao Tao
Numerical and experimental study of motion-induced wake flow and contaminant transport in interior environments